Foreign Minister Urmas Paet Discussed Developments in Greece with German EU Affairs Minister


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During their meeting last night in Tallinn, Foreign Minister Urmas Paet and German Minister of State for EU Affairs Michael Link discussed euro zone issues and Estonia and Germany’s co-operation in the European Union.

Foreign Minister Urmas Paet and German Minister of State for EU Affairs Michael Link spoke during their meeting about worries stemming from the debt crisis and matters related to the situation in Greece. The ministers said that Greece is expected to continue resolving the debt crisis and honouring the promises it made to continue implementing reforms. “In order to resolve the crisis, financial and structural reforms must be made,” said Paet.

Paet and Link also addressed matters related to the European Union’s new multiannual financial framework. “We must address the further development of the internal market if we want to see economic growth. We support the creation of the Connecting European Facility (CEF), which would create physical connections between Estonia and the rest of Europe. For example, one of our priorities is the realisation of the Rail Baltic project,” Paet added.

The ministers also discussed the further enlargement of the European Union. “Further enlargement will improve the European Union’s competitiveness and political influence globally,” said Foreign Minister Paet. He expressed hope that Croatia’s success would inspire other Western Balkan countries to take the necessary steps and continue making reforms for EU integration. On Tuesday of this week, 15 May, the draft bill for ratifying Croatia’s European Union accession treaty will have its first reading in the Riigikogu.

Paet and Link feel that Turkey, as one of the EU’s essential strategic partners, should continue making progress towards the European Union. “Turkey’s strategic importance in the region has grown and this makes it a useful partner for the EU, particularly considering the current developments in Northern Africa and the Middle East,” said Paet.

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