Foreign Minister Urmas Paet: More Unified Foreign Relations in the Energy Sphere Would Improve Energy Security of European Union and Estonia


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During the meeting of the European Union foreign ministers in Brussels today, Foreign Minister Urmas Paet said that the European Union and its member states must speak to third countries on energy issues with one voice and a unified message and member states must act with solidarity, so that the EU would have a stronger position in international energy relations.

“Estonia feels it is important to develop the European Union’s common energy policy in regards to Russia as well,” Paet noted. “We think it’s essential for energy relations with third countries to become a part of the political dialogue and that energy is addressed in agreements that are concluded with third countries,” he asserted.

Estonia’s position is that good administrative practice is also important in energy matters. “Everyone – no exceptions – should be required to respect a market economy and rule of law as fundamental values, including partner countries that are essential to energy matters. Making exceptions at the expense of fundamental values would not provide a good result from the viewpoint of supply security,” confirmed the Estonian foreign minister.

To make its energy-related foreign policy more effective, Estonia feels it is necessary for the European Union to improve information exchange among the member states, European Commission, and European Union delegations, Paet said. “Intergovernmental information regarding energy-related agreements with partners outside the European Union is very important,” he added.

The goal of tying the EU’s foreign policy to its energy policy is to achieve a sustainable energy supply with reasonable prices, spread the principles of the European Union internal market, diversify energy source suppliers, provide developing countries with better access to energy, and establish good administrative practice in the energy sector.

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