Foreign Minister Urmas Paet Met With Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili


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At his meeting in Qvareli with Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili, Foreign Minister Urmas Paet confirmed that Estonia supports Georgia’s efforts to join the European Union and NATO and will continue sharing its experiences with Georgia to help it meet this goal. “Georgia is an important partner to both the European Union and NATO,” Paet noted. “We support holding a discussion on the further enlargement of NATO at the next NATO foreign ministers’ meeting in December of this year.”

Paet stated that Georgia has been very successful in its integration with the European Union and an active participant in the co-operation taking place within the framework of EU Eastern Partnership. “We hope that negotiations for an Association Agreement will wrap up next year,” he added.

During their meeting, Paet and Saakashvili also talked about the Georgian parliamentary elections taking place on 1 October. “We value the efforts of the Georgian government as well as its co-operation with international organisations in the name of organising free and fair elections,” Paet noted. “The success of the elections depends on the responsible behaviour of all political powers.” Paet added that establishing the choice resulting from the free will of the people is key. “Fair, free and transparent elections unite society and reduce opportunities for  irresponsible challenging of results,” said Paet.

In talking about Georgia’s security situation, Paet said that Estonia highly values Georgia’s dedication and co-operation in finding a peaceful resolution to the conflict with Russia. “Estonia feels it is very important to continue the activities of the EU Monitoring Mission (EUMM). Also important are the OSCE’s activities in supporting peace and stability in the Southern Caucasus region and in resolving long-term conflicts in the region.”

At a meeting with Speaker of the Georgian Parliament David Bakradze, Paet spoke about the election taking place on 1 October, the constitutional order reform to take place next year in Georgia, and interparliamentary co-operation between Estonia and Georgia.

Paet also met with representatives of the Georgian opposition in Tbilisi.




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