Baltic Cultural Days and Charity Christmas Party to be Held in Gardens of Villa Giulia in Rome


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From 13-16 December, cultural days dedicated to the Baltic countries will take place in the gardens of Villa Giulia in Rome. The Etruscan museum and gardens of the Villa Giulia will be open free of charge to all visitors for the duration of the event.

During the four-day event, Estonia. Latvia and Lithuania will be able to introduce their cultures and Christmas traditions to the Italian public. This is the first time Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian cultural days are being held in Rome.

From Friday to Sunday, 14-16 December, a Christmas market with handicrafts and natural products will take place and performances and concerts introducing the culture of Baltic countries will take place. Christmas poems and stories from the Baltic countries will also be read. The money brought in by the charity Christmas market will go to the organisation that supports children with cancer in Rome “Casa Peter Pan” as well as Siiri Sisask’s charity fund “Saagu valgus”.

On Friday, 14 December an amber exhibit entitled “Amber. From the Shores of the Baltic to Etruria” will be opened in Villa Giulia. The exhibit will stay up until March 2013. Villa Giulia’s rare collection of Etruscan-era Baltic amber jewellery will be on display, which will be juxtaposed with the work of contemporary Baltic jewellery artists.

The four-day event will also included an academic seminar on the culture of the indigenous people of the eastern shore of the Baltic Sea, art exhibits, performances by Estonian musicians including Siiri Sisask, the presentation of the translation of Lennart Meri’s book “Silver White”, and degustation of Estonian foods.

The Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian cultural days are taking place through the co-operation of the Italian Ministry of Culture, Italian National Etruscan Museum Villa Giulia, Italian Estonian Society, Estonian Embassy in Rome, and the Latvian and Lithuanian embassies in Rome.

The patrons of the event on the Italian side are the president of Italy, the Italian government, Italian Foreign Ministry, Italian Ministry of Culture, Rome city government, mayor of Rome, and the provincial government of Lazio. The idea for a Baltic cultural days event was initiated by the Italian Estonian Society together with the Estonian Embassy in Rome.

The Estonian supporters of the event are Enterprise Estonia, the Estonian Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of Culture, Italian Estonian Society, Estonian Embassy in Rome, Estonian Foreign Ministry, Estonian Language Institute, Lennart Meri Foundation, Estonian Culinary Institute, the restaurant Olde Hansa, the gallery Siidilabor, OÜ Zajez, OÜ Rocco, Estonian Handicraft Society, Epp Maria Kokamäe Gallery, and DHL.

Additional information:
Ülle Toode
Project manager, Baltic Cultural days
Press and cultural officer, Estonian Embassy in Rome
Tel: +39 335 126 8574


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