Estonia Considers EU Support for Transition Process in Egypt and Tunisia to Be Important


No 91-E

The domestic political polarisation in Egypt is alarming and the European Union must be prepared to continue supporting the transition process in Egypt, Foreign Minister Urmas Paet said at a meeting of the European Union foreign ministers in Brussels.

The Estonian foreign minister felt it was positive that for the first time Egypt has invited the European Union to come monitor elections. “We support sending a European Union monitoring mission to Egypt,” he added. “We also support intensifying co-operation on the EU side in matters that are of interest to Egypt, including information technology,” the foreign minister noted.

Paet stated that the unstable security situation in Libya and the ongoing political crisis and deepening tension between Islamists and liberals in Tunisia are causing concern in the EU’s southern neighbourhood. “It is essential to hold a dialogue with the Tunisian leaders on democratisation and reform,” said Paet. “We should call on the Tunisian authorities to make decisive steps to curb incidents of violence that hinder the transition process. We should also emphasise the importance of a political dialogue that involves all parties as well as economic reforms,” he added.

Estonia is working bilaterally with Tunisia to help boost the capabilities of the country’s e-governance. The European Union is planning to send a mission to Libya in June to support border management.

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