Foreign Minister Urmas Paet: Estonia Would Like Common Economic Space for European Union and Eastern Partners


No 213-E

Estonia would like for the European Union Eastern Partnership summit taking place at the end of this year in Vilnius to produce concrete results with the ultimate goal of creating a common economic space for the European Union and the countries in the Eastern Partnership programme, Foreign Minister Urmas Paet said at the meeting of the European Union foreign ministers in Luxembourg today.

Paet said that what Estonia would like to see at the summit between the European Union and its partner countries Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, Belarus, Armenia, and Azerbaijan is an association agreement being concluded with Ukraine and agreements being initialled for Georgia, Moldova, and Armenia. “After that serious efforts must continue, so that the agreements could be signed as soon as possible,” Paet emphasised.

The Estonian foreign minister added that the goal of the Vilnius summit is also to make proposals regarding how EU Eastern partnership could be made stronger. “One possitibility is to create an economic space between the European Union and the Eastern Partners,” Paet said. He stated that the basis for this is the conclusion of association agreements with the Eastern Partners and their successful implementation. “Funding from the European Union for reforms will help to make this a reality, as will creating awareness of the necessity and overall affect of the changes,” he noted.

Paet said it is also important to move forward quickly with the visa facilitation process.

Estonia also supports the involvement of more information and communication technology in our co-operation.

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