European Union Foreign Ministers Call for Egypt to End the Violence



In an extraordinary meeting of the European Union foreign ministers in Brussels today, EU foreign ministers called for Egypt to immediately end the violence and refrain from actions which could incite further hostilities and use of force.

According to Foreign Minister Urmas Paet, the EU foreign ministers expressed profound indignation over the large number of dead and wounded and stressed the need for Egyptian authorities to respect and defend human rights and liberties. “We condemn the increasing violence and political extremism. The events in Egypt are very tragic,” said Foreign Minister Paet. “The perpetrators of violence must be prosecuted in court and brought to justice. Additionally, it is necessary to conduct an impartial investigation into the disproportional use of force by Egyptian security forces against peaceful protesters,” said Paet.

The EU foreign ministers decided to suspend the sale of arms to Egypt.

Foreign Minister Urmas Paet remarked that the resolution of political differences must occur peacefully and include all stakeholders. “Political reconciliation and peaceful cooperation is the only way to return to a path of democratic development that is responsive to the citizens’ interests. The Egyptian people must decide how to proceed towards a society which respects human rights and liberties,” said Paet.

Egypt is an important partner of the European Union and it has an important role in the entire Mediterranean and Middle East regions.

The foreign ministers also discussed the opportunities to assist the Egyptian people in difficult economic times and decided to continue supporting the socio-economic sector in order to alleviate negative impacts to Egypt’s most vulnerable groups. “Further broad support to Egypt depends on the state’s actions within the frameworks of the European Neighbourhood Policy and Association Agreement which regulate the relations between the European Union and Egypt. Additionally, it is important to follow the principles of rule of law, respect human rights, guarantee a fair and impartial judiciary, and end the nation-wide state of emergency,” added Paet.  




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