Foreign Minister Urmas Paet in Meeting with Foreign Ministers of Benelux Countries: Moldova’s Approach to EU is Example to Many Eastern Partnership States


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In a meeting yesterday in Riga with colleagues from Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg, Moldova, Latvia, and Lithuania, Foreign Minister Urmas Paet highlighted Moldova’s successful integration with the European Union and the Baltic and Benelux states confirmed their continuing support for Moldova’s approach.

According to Paet, Moldova’s successfully implemented reforms reflect the will and fortitude to continue political and economic integration with the European Union. “Moldova’s continuing integration with the European Union has been an example to many other Eastern Partnership states,” stated Foreign Minister Paet.

Paet says that Estonia supports the establishment of visa freedom as well as association- and free trade agreements between the EU and Moldova next year. “For our part, we are ready to offer our expertise in the practical implementation of the free trade area,” he added.

All countries, including Moldova, have the right to make their own decisions regarding their future and pressuring Moldova with trade restrictions is not acceptable, according to Paet.

When discussing the topic of Transnistria, Foreign Minister Paet asserted that it is important to take advantage of opportunities to positively involve Transnistria. “The Transnistrian conflict cannot be an obstacle to Moldova’s integration with the European Union,” he added.

The foreign ministers of Estonia, Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg, Lithuania, and Latvia discussed the possibility of collaborating on the implementation of development cooperation projects in Moldova. Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania have actively participated in supporting the development of e-governance and e-justice fields in Moldova.


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