Estonia Supports Energy Efficiency and Environmental Protection Programmes in Ukraine, Georgia, and Moldova


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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs supports energy efficiency and environmental programmes in Ukraine, Georgia, and Moldova through the Eastern Europe Energy Efficiency and Environment Partnership Fund, E5P.

Altogether, the Foreign Ministry has pledged to support the fund’s projects in Ukraine, Moldova, and Georgia with 350,000 Euros until 2018. In order to use the fund’s resources, the target country itself must also contribute financially.

According to Foreign Minister Urmas Paet, environmental protection questions are very important for Estonia and are considered to be priorities for supporting the European Union’s Eastern partnership countries. “It is very important to increase the energy independence of these states. Through the Eastern Europe Energy Efficiency and Environment Partnership, we have supported energy efficiency projects in Ukraine’s local governments since 2011,” noted Paet. He added that until now we have supported Ukrainian projects with 32,000 Euros per year and will continue to contribute to the same extent until 2015. Denmark, Latvia, Norway, Sweden, USA, EU, Finland, Iceland, and Poland also contribute to Ukrainian energy efficiency projects through the fund.

Paet said that it was recently decided to broaden the fund’s activities to encompass Georgia and Moldova as well. “Georgia and Moldova are also priority countries for Estonia’s development cooperation and Estonia also decided to support environmental projects in those countries,” stated Paet. He confirmed that Estonia’s support for energy efficiency and environmental protection projects totals 40,000 Euros in Moldova and 30,000 in Georgia every year.

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development’s Eastern Europe Energy Efficiency and Environment Partnership Fund was created in 2009 under Sweden’s leadership and through cooperation with the European Commission and numerous international financial institutions and donors.

Estonia joined the fund in 2009. Estonia’s support for the fund guarantees a vote in the discussion and confirmation of presented projects.

As of 2013, the total size of the fund is 93 million Euros.


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