Foreign Minister Urmas Paet: everything must be done to achieve a political solution to the crisis in Ukraine


Foreign Minister Urmas Paet stated that Estonia is very concerned at the escalation of tensions in Ukraine. "The Russian parliament's decision to authorise the use of troops in Ukraine is a clear threat to Ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity," he added.

According to Paet, Russia's military threats and actions against Ukraine must be stopped. "In Crimea, as well as in other regions of the state, all parties involved must do their utmost to stop the development of the conflict and work towards reducing tensions. Similarly, the European Union and the OSCE must send observers to volatile areas of the Ukraine," he added.

Estonia considers it important for the European Union, NATO and the OSCE to quickly convene emergency meetings in order to discuss the Ukrainian crisis and the violation of international law that has occurred.

According to Paet, the leaders of Ukraine must pursue actions that will reduce internal tensions and help restore societal unity, in order to avoid the growing threat to national sovereignty and territorial integrity. However, today's decision by the Russian parliament does not help reduce tensions.

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