The foreign ministry summoned the Russian ambassador over the crisis in Ukraine


Foreign ministry secretary general Alar Streimann met today with Russian ambassador Yuri Merzlyakov in order to relay Estonia’s standpoint and expressed great disapproval over the situation in Ukraine.

“We condemn Russia's military action in Crimea,” foreign ministry secretary general Alar Streimann said. “Russia's actions towards Ukraine are contrary to the UN Charter, the OSCE Helsinki Final Act, the Agreement on the Status and Conditions of Stationing of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation in Ukraine of 1997 and the Budapest Memorandum of 1994,” Streimann added.

“We called on Russia to immediately comply with all of its international commitments and to agree to the request by Ukraine to start political dialogue in order to solve the crisis,” Streimann said. “Russia must respect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine,” he added.

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