Patients injured in the street violence in Ukraine arrive for treatment in Estonia


The foreign ministry is supporting the treatment of people injured in the Ukrainian street protests in Estonia. Five patients arrive for treatment in Estonia today. Of these, three patients will be treated at the North-Estonian Regional Hospital and two patients at the Haapsalu Neurological Rehabilitation Centre. The cost of the return flights and transportation and treatment costs of the patients in Estonia, as well as costs associated with the medics pre-mission will be covered by support allocated by the foreign ministry.

Foreign minister Urmas Paet stated that Estonia is ready to accept up to a dozen people injured in Ukraine for treatment in Estonia. “Together with Estonian doctors, it was decided that five patients would currently be brought to Estonia,” he added.

According to foreign minister Urmas Paet, Estonia is ready to provide all manner of support necessary for Ukraine. “So far, we have supported the assistance of those injured in the street clashes on site in Ukraine with 85 000 euros, so that our support reaches as many people in need as possible,” Paet said. "Several of the injured need long-term treatment. There are very good doctors in Estonia, who can now contribute to the process of healing those affected. A total of nearly 2000 people were injured in the unrest,” he added.

The transportation of individuals injured in the Ukrainian street protests to Estonia was supported cooperatively by the North-Estonian Regional Hospital, the local Ukrainian community, the Ministry of Social Affairs and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Previously, the foreign ministry has assisted in providing medical care to Ukrainians injured in the street violence with 85 000 euros. In early February, the Ministry supported providing medical care to Ukrainians with 50 000 euros via the non-governmental charitable International Renaissance Foundation. At the end of February, Estonia supported the activity of Caritas Ukraine with 25 000 euros. The foreign ministry also donated 10 000 euros worth of medicines to the Ukrainian Red Cross.
Estonia has also decided to increase the number of scholarships awarded to students from Ukraine to study at Estonian universities.

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