Estonia supports the introduction of e-government solutions in Western Ukraine


The Foreign Ministry supports the project aimed at promoting the introduction of e-government applications in the towns and regional administrations of Western Ukraine. These applications are an e-document management system, call centre, Geographic Information System (GIS), and mobile solutions.

According to Foreign Minister Urmas Paet, the solutions will help the Western Ukrainian cities and provinces to better serve the people who are living there by making official state work more efficient, more transparent and more open. “The current situation in Ukraine is very complex, and we continue to be ready to offer all necessary assistance to ensure the functioning of the state on both the state government and local government level,” Paet added.

The applications whose introduction is to be promoted are the e-document management system, the call centre application, the geographic information system (GIS), and mobile solutions. 

Initially the use of the applications by the Ivano-Frankivsk regional administration and the cities of Ivano-Frankivsk, Kalush, Dolyna and Lviv will be supported. The results of the project will be shared with other regions and cities of Ukraine. 

The project will be carried out by the Estonian e-Governance Academy. It is being financed by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency SIDA and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Of the total project cost of 505 683 euros, the Estonian Foreign Ministry’s contribution will be 59 433 euros and SIDA's contribution 446,250 euros.


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