Foreign Minister Urmas Paet in meeting with the UK's Minister for Europe: rapid changes in the security environment require rapid response


In meeting with the UK's Minister for Europe David Lidington in Tallinn, Foreign Minister Urmas Paet said that security cooperation between Estonia and the United Kingdom is developing rapidly, both bilaterally and within the range of NATO activities.

"Events in Ukraine have changed the security situation in the whole of Europe," Paet said. "We are very pleased to witness allies who have responded to changes quickly," he added. Great Britain has pledged additional aircraft for the air policing mission and will also participate in the Spring Storm exercises.

The Foreign Minister also mentioned Estonia's and the United Kingdom's most important common mission. "Estonia and the United Kingdom have worked well together in Afghanistan for years and we are interested in continued bilateral defence cooperation even after the end of the mission there," Paet said.

The ministers also discussed possibilities for cooperation within the European Union. "Estonia will take over the presidency of the Council of the European Union from the United Kingdom in 2018," Paet said. "Therefore it is necessary to work cooperatively as early as possible, both in terms of content and in the context of operations between EU institutions," he added.

Paet stated that Estonia and the United Kingdom are developing close practical cooperation in the field of e-government. "We hope that in the future the UK has an interest in joining Estonia and Finland in developing the next versions of the X-road," he said.

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