Foreign Minister Paet at the Spring Storm military exercise: Estonia's Defence Forces are motivated and NATO stands firmly behind the security of all its members


Foreign Minister Urmas Paet visited the Spring Storm military exercise in Viljandi County today, where he met with Estonian Defence Forces Chief of General Staff Navy Captain Igor Schvede.

At the meeting, the Foreign Minister was given an overview of the exercises. "The military exercises’ leadership is very professionally and thoroughly organized," Paet said. “The fact that the NATO exercise is being carried out alongside the Spring Storm military exercise, shows that the Alliance stands firmly for the security of all its members,”the foreign minister added.

Paet said that cooperation between Allies at the military exercise is running smoothly. “Troops from a total of eight countries are participating,” he added.

During his visit, Paet also met with participants of Spring Storm. “I highly praise the motivation of members of the Defence Forces and their contribution to the security of Estonia,” Paet said.

This year the major military exercise Spring Storm will be held from May 5 to 23 in Southern Estonia. As of May 16, it bears the name Steadfast Javelin 1, when the NATO Joint Forces Command Brunssum took over leading the exercise. Close to 5 500 troops from Estonia and Allied countries, as well as members of the Defence League and reservists are taking part in the exercise.

Photos of the Foreign Minister’s visit: 

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