The grand prize of the Estonia-themed quiz is a trip for two to Estonia


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The Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs opened its annual Estonia-themed quiz “Estonia Quiz 2015”, with its grand prize of a trip for two to Estonia. In order to participate in the draw, you must first correctly answer all 12 questions in the online quiz. Links are provided for finding the answers; they will help lead you to the correct information.

The grand prize – a trip for two to Estonia – includes airfare, lodging in the best hotels, dinners in luxurious restaurants and various excursions. In addition to the grand prize, there will also be a draw for vacation packages in Estonia. The prizes have been sponsored by various Estonian companies and establishments.

The quiz can be taken in either English or Russian and will be open online until May 31, 2015. The quiz’s website is

The goal of the quiz is to introduce Estonia to citizens of other countries by offering participants new and interesting facts. The quiz also hopes to motivate people to search for more information about the country and to visit Estonia.

This is the twentieth web-based quiz that has been organised by the Foreign Ministry. Over the years, interest in the Foreign Ministry’s quizzes has grown steadily. Last year more than 7500 people from 110 different countries put their knowledge to the test via the quiz.


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