Foreign Minister: Russia has violated international law for 9 months by illegally detaining Eston Kohver


According to Foreign Minister Keit Pentus-Rosimannus, Russia has been violating international law for nearly nine months by having abducted and by illegally detaining Eston Kohver."The illegal detention and holding of apparent court proceedings of Eston Kohver, who was abducted from Estonian territory by the FSB (Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation), have not had any connection to a fair court proceeding from the very start. Estonian authorities are doing everything in their power to have Eston Kohver released so that he can return home,” the minister stressed.

Foreign Minister Pentus-Rosimannus confirmed that Estonia is keeping the Eston Kohver issue high on its agenda both internationally, as well as in bilateral relations, until he can return home to his family.

It is important for Estonia that the interests of Kohver be protected in the best possible way, both in Moscow and Pskov during the court proceedings. The consul is continuing regular meetings with Eston Kohver in order to support him, and so that he can have access to a reliable channel of communication. The Consul will once again meet with Kohver at the first possible opportunity.

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