The Estonian Foreign Minister to the Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations: Estonia supports UN reform


Meeting with UN Deputy Secretary-General Jan Eliasson in New York, Foreign Minister Keit Pentus-Rosimannus said that cooperation with the United Nations and other international organizations is of key importance in solving conflicts in various regions of the world.

According to Pentus-Rosimannus, Estonia supports reforming the UN Security Council in order for it to reflect the current, not the 1945 world order. “We consider it important to reach a better representation of UN membership in the Security Council in terms of improving the involvement of small and developing countries and various regions, as well as in reforming the Council’s working methods,” the Foreign Minister said. “We support the initiative of France to restrict the right to veto in the Security Council, so that in the case of serious crimes against humanity, permanent members of the Security Council would collectively forgo using the veto.”

Speaking about the selection process of the next UN Secretary-General, Foreign Minister Pentus-Rosimannus said that Estonia considers it important to make the elections more open and to involve the entire membership of the United Nations. “Estonia is an active member of the United Nations working methods pressure group ACT (Accountability, Coherence, Transparency), and we have made specific proposals regarding improving the process which is coming to an end in 2016, wishing a specific start to the selection cycle, a list of candidates and meetings with them, as well as taking gender and regional balance into account,” she added.

Pentus-Rosimannus and Eliasson also spoke about the most important topics in the field of development during the UN’s 70th anniversary year. “We await ambitious commitments from both the UN’s Conference on Financing for Development in July of this year, as well as the post-2015 development agenda summit in September,” she said. “It is important for Estonia that the new sustainable development agreements be based on the promotion of human rights, gender equality, good governance practices and the rule of law, as well as inclusiveness and environmental appreciation.” Pentus-Rosimannus added that successfully dealing with development issues and improving people's living standards have an important connection with reducing conflicts in the world.

According to the Foreign Minister, Estonia is a strong supporter of the “responsibility to protect” concept. “The state is always stronger than the individual, and those who are weaker must be protected,” she stressed.



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