Foreign Minister Paet: Participation in Civil Missions is Estonia’s Contribution to Global Security


No. 331-E

The Foreign Ministry has completed the draft legislation for Estonia’s participation in civil missions, and today Foreign Minister Urmas Paet introduced the draft to the Riigikogu foreign affairs commission.

Paet stated that resolving most of today’s crises requires an international civil contribution. “In order to respond adequately to global crises, Estonia has continuously developed its development co-operation activities as well as the capabilities of its civil experts. In order to continue developing these activities, the law must also grant guarantees to civil experts doing their work,” said Paet. “In addition, pursuant to the law the state will in the future have a better overview of civil experts’ readiness to go on missions and a clearer basis for participating in international missions. This is important in Estonia’s co-operation with its partners in the European Union, NATO, and other international organisations,” he added.

Estonia can participate in missions both by sending an expert to the location or through monetary donations to the mission. The draft legislation regulates the selection of experts, their dispatch to the mission and their return from the mission. The draft legislation for foreign missions also dictates the expert’s employment and service relationships during the mission and upon his or her return, the expert’s rights and responsibilities during the mission, and social guarantees, including in the case of the loss of the capacity to work or the loss of life.

The draft legislation for participation in civil missions will regulate Estonia’s participation in civil missions using a system that will create a legal basis and definition for Estonia’s participation in international civil missions.

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