Today, the Government approved Estonia's action plan for increasing the involvement of women in securing and maintaining peace and security


The Government today approved Estonia’s action plan for the implementation of UN Security Council resolution no. 1325, “Women, Peace and Security”, in Estonia from 2010–2014.

According to the Foreign Minister, Mr. Urmas Paet, the UN Security Council resolution reflects the understanding that the key to solving conflicts and crises and securing peace is the protection of civilians, the more active involvement of women included. “The resolution is the first decision that admits the scope of damage caused to women and children by armed conflicts,” said the Foreign Minister. “With this resolution, the international community established a goal of identifying guidelines for the protection of women and girls, but also for increasing the involvement of women in peace negotiations and in reinforcing peace after the settlement of conflicts,“ Mr. Paet explained.

“Today, approximately 20 countries have drafted a national programme for the implementation of the resolution. Therefore, the international community must adopt a more active approach and put more effort into the full implementation of the UN resolution and legislation thereupon,“ Mr. Paet said. “The importance of implementing the resolutions and objectives established therein for Estonia is confirmed by the fact that an international conference, organised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Estonian Atlantic Treaty Association to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the UN resolution, will take place in Tallinn on 11th-12th November. We will be focusing, more specifically, on the circumstances of Afghan women at the conference,” Mr. Paet told.

Mr. Paet emphasised three main reasons why achieving the obligations set out in the resolution is important for Estonia: first of all, as a member of the UN, European Union, NATO, and the OSCE, Estonia participates actively in securing international peace and security. Secondly, the promotion of the rights and circumstances of women is one of the priorities of Estonia’s foreign policy, development co-operation, and human rights efforts. And thirdly, Estonia is boosted by its contribution into military and civil missions to countries where solving conflicts and reinforcing peace is directly related to the implementation of resolution no. 1325 and where the consideration of gender issues in planning and implementing missions will enhance the efficiency of international efforts.

The priorities that Estonia established in its action plan include political and diplomatic activities in international organisations, bilateral and multilateral development co-operation, and humanitarian assistance for improving the circumstances of women in post-conflict situations. “However, it is also necessary to increase the number of experts with knowledge on gender, give them the appropriate training, and increase the awareness of the general public of women, peace, and security in the area of peace and security. Also extending the opportunities available for women to participate in international military and civil operations and increasing the representation of women in international positions, related to securing peace and security,“ said Mr. Paet.

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