100,000 ideas for development of society collected in Estonian pavilion at Expo


In opening Estonian Day at the Shanghai Expo, the Foreign Minister, Mr. Urmas Paet, said that trade relations between Estonia and China have increased by 30% over the last five years, while Shanghai Expo has clearly expanded the growth perspective. “Participation in Shanghai Expo has further contributed to economic relations between Estonia and China, and China is becoming a country where co-operation is possible in the sphere of information and communications, aside from transit,” said Mr. Paet, when opening the Expo. “The Ministry of Foreign Affairs opened a consulate in Shanghai at the beginning of the year to add to contacts – as Tallinn is the closest European Union capital for China,” Mr. Paet said.

Shanghai Expo is dedicated to the development of a contemporary urban environment. “Tallinn, the capital city of Estonia, has been repeatedly shortlisted among the most intelligent urban spaces. Apart from our own ideas for urban space development, 100,000 ideas for the development of urban society have been collected in the piggy bank-shaped idea bank in the Estonian pavilion,” Mr. Paet stated. “Ideas collected in the Estonian pavilion, which are to be communicated to world cities, will be published on the SAVECITY.ORG website,” he added.

Mr. Paet noted that a developing, citizen-focused society is a pre-requisite for economic development. “The information and communication solutions for improving urban environment and the better operation of society that have been developed in Estonia include e-governance, e-tax board, or e-election, which are among the solutions that simplify participation in social life,” explained Mr. Paet, when introducing the solution suggested by Estonia.

Today is Estonian Day at Shanghai Expo. The Chinese translation of the compilation “Estonian Fairy Tales”, containing stories by Friedrich Reinhold Kreutzwald and August Jakobson, was presented today. The celebration of Estonian Day in Shanghai began yesterday with a concert by the Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir in the Expo Culture Centre.

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