Foreign Minister Urmas Paet to Lead Estonian Delegation to Expo World Exposition


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Foreign Minister Urmas Paet will lead an Estonian delegation to the Expo World Exposition and open Estonia Day at the Shanghai Expo on Monday, 18 October.

The Estonian delegation going to the Shanghai Expo for the Estonia Day being held there comprises an 18-member business delegation, which includes a logistics delegation led by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications, the rectors of Estonia’s biggest universities, and representatives of the Ministry of Culture and Enterprise Estonia. Representatives of the Estonian Association of Designers will also be in Shanghai to introduce Estonia and establish contacts with nations participating in the Expo and with visitors to the Expo.

Foreign Minister Urmas Paet noted that Estonia’s participation in the Expo has brought our entrepreneurs, educators and cultural experts many valuable contacts in China and all over the world. “The guests that have visited Estonia’s pavilion at the Expo number in the millions. Estonia Day will place the spotlight on us and help us expand our contacts even more,” he added.

The celebration of Estonia Day in Shanghai will actually begin on Sunday, 17 October, when the Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir will give a concert in the Expo Culture Centre. On 18 October the members of the delegation led by the Foreign Ministry will meet with representatives of other nations participating in the Expo, and in the Estonian pavilion the Chinese translation of the compilation “Estonian Fairy Tales”, containing stories by Friedrich Reinhold Kreutzwald and August Jakobson, will be presented.

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