Estonia Supports Work of International Commission Investigating Conflict in Kyrgyzstan


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The Foreign Ministry is supporting the work of the unbiased international commission investigating the violent conflict that erupted in the southern part of Kyrgyzstan in June of 2010 with 7 000 euros. In addition to its financial contribution, Estonia also has one expert working on the commission – President of Tallinn University’s Academy of Law Rein Müllerson.

Foreign Minister Urmas Paet stated that the international community has repeatedly emphasised the necessity of clarifying the reasons behind the Kyrgyzstan conflict and opportunities for avoiding similar incidents in the future. “Estonia supports the work of the unbiased international investigation commission, which was created on the initiative of the Nordic countries. Investigating the events in June is necessary for lessening the tensions that are prevalent in the region and restoring trust and understanding among people,” said Paet. “Peace and stability in Central Asia are key issues in the further development of the region. Potential new conflicts are a threat to the entire region and have a negative influence on the entire region, including Afghanistan,” confirmed the Estonian foreign minister.

Foreign Minister Paet also expressed hope that the nations involved would fully co-operate with the commission and guarantee the members of the commission access to the necessary information.

The goal of the unbiased investigation commission created on the initiative of the Nordic countries is to study the causes of the conflict, draw conclusions and make recommendations for alleviating tensions and preventing future conflicts. Currently the members of the commission have already begun working and gone on-site to Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Russia. The investigation commission will present its report at the end of January 2011. The head of the investigation committee is Kimmo Kiljunen who is a member of the Finnish Parliament and the special representative of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe in Central Asia. The committee has seven members from Estonia, Finland, Australia, Turkey, France, Russia, and Great Britain.

In June of 2010 a violent conflict erupted in the southern part of Kyrgyzstan, during the course of which at least 350 people died, according to official data. At least 300 000 people were forced to flee their homes, and over 100 000 people, most of them of Uzbek descent, fled to Uzbekistan, and many also to Kazakhstan and Russia.

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