Foreign Minister Paet: Allies That Share NATO’s Security Responsibilities Deserve Special Treatment


No. 364-E

Late last night, during the foreign ministers’ meeting that took place within the framework of the NATO summit in Lisbon, Foreign Minister Urmas Paet said that in developing relations with its partners NATO must keep in mind which states contribute to NATO-led military missions and thereby are already sharing its security responsibilities.

Paet added that in the light of NATO’s new Strategic Concept, the compilation of a new NATO partnership plan for non-NATO members is also necessary. “We must single out the nations among our partners that are on the path to becoming NATO members or possess separate framework agreements,” he added.

The Estonian foreign minister assigned special importance to co-operation between NATO and the European Union. “We must overcome obstacles that hinder NATO-European Union co-operation. There are 21 nations that belong to both organisations and share all the same values. Therefore co-operation is logical and the only possible option,” Paet added.

The NATO summit continues today with a discussion on the Afghanistan mission.

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