Foreign Minister Urmas Paet: Tajikistan Has Vital Role in Improving Situation in Afghanistan


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At his meeting today in Dushanbe, Foreign Minister Urmas Paet spoke with Foreign Minister of Tajikistan Hamrokhon Zarif about developments in Central Asia and especially those related to Afghanistan. “The support of Afghanistan’s neighbouring countries and other regions is very important for the stabilisation of the situation in Afghanistan,” said Paet. “We consider widespread regional co-operation essential for preventing cross-border crime, fighting against the narcotics trade, and strengthening the border police, as well as for deepening economic integration in the region,” Paet stated. He added that Estonia values Tajikistan’s logistical support for the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF).

At today’s meeting Foreign Minister Paet also spoke about co-operation opportunities between Estonia and Tajikistan and enlivening economic relations. “Concluding various agreements will help to facilitate and develop economic relations,” said Paet. “There are plans to sign an agreement for the protection of investments as well as an agreement for the avoidance of double taxation,” he added.

Paet stated that Estonia is prepared to share its experiences with developing e-state solutions with Tajikistan. “E-state solutions make governing more effective and transparent and services for citizens more accessible, and would thereby help the development of society in Tajikistan,” Paet noted. “We are prepared to work with Tajikistan by both advising and helping to work out technical solutions,” he said. Paet added that Estonian companies are also interested in co-operating with the Tajikistan border guard to build up an electronic border monitoring system.

Paet confirmed at the meeting that Estonia supports the continuation of the European Union development co-operation projects in Tajikistan. “In addition, within the framework of bilateral development co-operation we can offer Tajikistani diplomats the opportunity to study in a one-year programme at the Estonian School of Diplomacy,” he noted.

Foreign Minister Paet said at the meeting that Estonia also supports implementing the European Union’s Central Asia Strategy. “Co-operation opportunities abound between the European Union and Central Asia, for example through intensifying economic and trade relations and engaging in greater co-operation in the energy and transport sectors,” he stated.

During the meeting the Estonian foreign minister expressed hope that Tajikistan’s negotiations for joining the World Trade Organisation (WTO) would come to a close by the end of this year. “Estonia is also prepared to advise Tajikistan on the topic of fulfilling accession criteria,” he confirmed.

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