Foreign Minister Urmas Paet: Macedonia’s Future is with European Union and NATO


At his meeting today with Foreign Minister of Macedonia* Nikola Poposki, Foreign Minister Urmas Paet confirmed Estonia’s support for Macedonia’s further integration into the European Union and NATO. “Macedonia’s future is with the European Union, and in order to begin the accession process Macedonia must continue carrying out reforms,” stated Foreign Minister Paet. Estonia also supports moving forward with the Stabilisation and Association Agreement between the EU and Macedonia.
Estonia is a supporter of continuing NATO’s open-door policy, because as Paet stated this strengthens Europe’s general security environment. “NATO enlargement to date has been a success story and increased security in Europe. We support Macedonia being accepted as a member,” he added.

Paet also noted that EU and NATO-related reforms and developments should not get held up due to the name dispute. “Macedonia’s name conflict with Greece must be resolved quickly so that the country’s integration with the EU and NATO can continue,” he added.
Paet and Poposki acknowledged that relations between Estonia and Macedonia are very good. “Macedonia is Estonia’s most active partner in the Western Balkans,” Paet stated. He expressed hope that the activities of Peter Roose, Macedonia’s new honorary consul, will intensify contacts between the people of Estonia and Macedonia even more. Tomorrow, 9 February, Foreign Minister Poposki will open Macedonia’s honorary consulate in Estonia.
Another topic they discussed was co-operation opportunities in the economic sector, where entrepreneurs have shown the most interest in the information technology sector.
* Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia

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