Estonian and Latvian Foreign Ministers Announce Winner of Translation Award


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Today in Riga Foreign Minister Urmas Paet and Latvian Foreign Minister Edgars Rinkēvičs announced the winner of the Estonian-Latvian/Latvian-Estonian translation award. The prize was awarded to Kalev Kalkun for translating Nora Ikstena’s novel “The Virgin’s Lesson” into Estonian.

Foreign Minister Urmas Paet stated that this is the third time it has been possible to recognise and thank the translators that help to introduce Estonian and Latvian literature to their neighbouring country. “While Latvian translators won the past two years, this year we are pleased to recognise Kalev Kalkun for translating Latvian literature into the Estonian language,” he said.

The opportunity to read a neighbouring country’s literature in your own language helps Estonians and Latvians better understand one another and facilitates the creation of a more emotional bond among people.

In the meeting that preceded the announcement of the prize winner, the foreign ministers discussed Estonian and Latvian bilateral relations and regional co-operation.

Foreign Minister Paet stated that Estonia-Latvia relations are close and productive on all levels. Co-operation between Estonia and Latvia also flows smoothly. “Our embassies in Cairo share the same space,” he stated. “We also have close co-operation in the consular realm. Latvia represents us for the issuing of visas in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, and the Vitebsk region. Estonia in turn represents Latvia in Bulgaria,” he added.

In terms of regional development, the Estonia-Latvia Future Co-operation Report plays an important role. “The conference dedicated to the last Future Co-operation Report took place at the end of last year in Tartu. We hope that the initiatives and co-operation opportunities that were under discussion there will soon become a reality,” Paet said.

During their meeting the foreign ministers also discussed matters related to the European Union, including recent developments in the euro zone and the EU’s new financial framework. They also addressed Eastern Partnership and relations with Russia.


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