Foreign Ministry Supports Civil Society of Belarus


No. 72-E

The Foreign Ministry is supporting a conference on reforms and modernisation in Belarus. The conference is a civil society initiative and will take place in Tallinn from 29-31 March. 

Foreign Minister Urmas Paet stated that Estonia would like to support the civil society of Belarus because only carefully considered, focused, and continuous support will allow the civil society of Belarus to develop. “European Union-Belarus relations are complicated right now, but the civil society and the little free media that is available in Belarus require our ongoing support,” Paet noted. “Estonia has also increased the support given to civil society within the framework of development co-operation,” he added.

Paet stated that Estonia also supports the civil society of Belarus with information technology-related training. “We would like to raise awareness in Belarusian civil society of e-governance, opportunities to utilise information and communications technology, and cyber security,” said Paet. He added that Estonia also supports the studies of Belarusian students in Estonia. “Belarusians participate in the courses offered at the Estonian Centre of Eastern Partnership as well,” he stated.

The conference “Perspectives of Reforms and Modernisation in Belarus” taking place at the end of March is being organised by the NPO New Way for Belarus, The goal is to co-ordinate the work of Belarusian and EU think tanks and draw attention to the current situation in Belarus and to the country’s reform perspective and modernisation.

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