European Union Implements New Sanctions Against Belarus


No. 75-E

At today’s meeting of the European Union foreign ministers in Brussels, a new packet of economic measures targeting Belarus was approved.

Ambassador and Representative to the Political and Security Committee Harri Tiido, who represented Estonia at the meeting, said that economic sanctions should have the greatest effect on the Lukashenko regime, although we do not yet know how Belarus will react and an analysis of the effect should be done. Tiido stated that the new packet of sanctions is without a doubt more influential than previous ones and the message being delivered to Belarus is stronger. “The European Union must continue with its critical policies in terms of Belarus while also supporting democratic forces,” Tiido noted.

The criminal activity of the Lukashenko regime is disappointing to the European Union, and the worsening situation in Belarus is cause for concern. Estonia feels it is very important to support communication among people and good contacts with the civil society of Belarus, which would be facilitated by visa facilitation measures for citizens of Belarus. “That would send them a positive message from the European Union,” said Ambassador Tiido. Estonia, like many other EU member states, has waived the visa fees for visas to Estonia in a show of support for Belarusian citizens.

The ministers also discussed recent developments in Syria, where violence continues and the security situation is worsening. Estonia condemns all violence and supports adding additional individuals and companies to the sanctions list.

Another topic on the agenda was the situation in the countries of the Sahel region (Mali, Mauritania, Niger and Algeria), where problems, especially in Mali, are growing more severe. Estonia supports the European Union’s activity in the region based on the EU Strategy for Security and Development in the Sahel, which in order to be effective must include active participation on the part of the countries themselves.

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