Foreign Minister Paet: European Union Can Overcome Hard Times by Developing Internal Market


No. 153-E

At their meeting in Tallinn today, Foreign Minister Urmas Paet and Vice President of the European Commission and Justice Commissioner of the European Union Viviane Reding discussed overcoming the crisis in Europe and matters related to the involvement of citizens.

Foreign Minister Paet stated that in order to overcome the crisis in Europe, attention must be given not only to cutting costs but also to growth. The foreign minister added that the basis for economic growth is the development of the internal market. “Now is the best time to harmonise the internal market, and we should take it as far as it will go,” he stated.

Estonia supports the creation of a digital economic space as an essential factor in the development of the internal market. “Estonia feels it is important that in addition to the digital economic space the physical integration of the internal market is also prioritised, primarily in the energy and transport sectors,” he added.

Paet and Reding also agreed that closer European Union consular co-operation in third countries is essential. “It is only natural that the representation of one EU member state helps the citizens of other member states, but in order for this to happen more binding agreements must be concluded,” said Paet.

In talking about involving citizens and increasing trust in the European Union, Paet noted that as an e-state Estonia has developed many opportunities for informing and involving citizens. Recently Estonia also joined the Open Government Partnership initiative.

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