Foreign Minister Urmas Paet Spoke With US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton About Introducing Estonia’s e-State Experiences in the World


No. 203-E

At his meeting in Ulan Bator, Mongolia with Secretary of State of the United States of America Hillary Clinton, Foreign Minister Urmas Paet said that Estonia greatly appreciates the steadily intensifying bilateral co-operation with the USA in foreign policy, security issues, and many other areas as well. “The new project just announced jointly by Estonia and the USA for advising emerging democracies and their leaders, LEND (Leaders Engaged in New Democracies), is one good example of this,” Paet noted.

“We also consider co-operation with the USA in the development co-operation sector very important, and we would like to continue carrying out joint development co-operation projects.” Paet highlighted the successful joint development co-operation activities of Estonia and the USA in Tunisia, Belarus, Moldova and Georgia.

US Secretary of State Clinton recognised the development of Estonia’s e-government and said that it is important to introduce Estonia’s e-solutions more extensively throughout the world.

Paet stated that Estonia is prepared to continue co-operating in the areas in which Estonia can offer its experience and added value. “This means first and foremost the development of democratic institutions, e-solutions, the utilisation of e-governance, and the creation of a business-friendly environment,” he said.

In talking about Afghanistan, Foreign Minister Urmas Paet emphasised that the international community must continue to support Afghanistan to help maintain the developments made thus far. “This means supporting the development of education, the health care system, and human rights, as well as the advancement of democracy and the role of women,” Paet stated. “Afghanistan will remain a priority partner for Estonian development co-operation after 2014, and we consider the co-operation of Estonia and the USA involving Afghanistan to be very important,” he added.


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