Estonia Wants European Union Mission in Mali to Begin as Soon as Possible


No 53-E

At their meeting in Brussels today, the European Union foreign ministers approved the decision to implement the European Union military training mission in Mali (EUTM Mali).

Foreign Minister Urmas Paet stated that the European Union mission should begin in Mali as soon as possible to ensure the stabilisation of Mali’s security situation. “Estonia is contributing to the mission with two staff officers, and we also plan to make a contribution to the  UN Trust Fund for Mine Clearance in Mali,” Paet said.

Paet said that acting quickly in Mali has been essential in preventing the spread of terrorist organisations.

“We recognise France and other European Union member states as well as countries in Western Africa for their quick and effective action in resolving the Mali conflict,” said the Estonian foreign minister. He added that after successfully warding off the rebels it will be essential to restore the political process in Mali, and hopefully it will be possible to start bringing the goals of the Malian government to life very soon. “We should also resume the distribution of aid in Mali as soon as possible,” Paet stated. 

“In the current context, it is also essential for there to be a political dialogue that includes all groups of society and for the human rights situation to be monitored,” Paet noted.

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