Estonian Ambassador to New Zealand Presents Credentials


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Today, 20 March, Estonian Ambassador to New Zealand Andres Unga presented his credentials to Governor-General of New Zealand Jeremiah Mateparae. Ambassador Unga resides in Tallinn.

In the discussion that followed the presenting of credentials, Ambassador Andres Unga and  Governor-General of New Zealand Jeremiah Mateparae discussed Estonia and New Zealand’s bilateral relations. Ambassador Unga stated that relations between the countries are understanding and free of problems. “The development of bilateral relations would be helped by placing greater emphasis on economic and technological co-operation, as well as cultural co-operation and getting to know one another’s rich cultural heritage better,” he noted.

When talking about international co-operation, the ambassador said that both Estonia and New Zealand are dedicated to supporting peace, security, and fair democratic society. “As a European Union member state, Estonia is also interested in expanding co-operation between the EU and New Zealand,” Unga added.

During the meeting, Governor-General Mateparae noted that Estonia and New Zealand are both countries that are open to innovation and to liberalising the economy. In addition, both countries value co-operation within international organisations and trade systems that try to promote rule of law, democratic governance, international security, and the development of human rights. Estonia and New Zealand work together to help ensure peace and security in Afghanistan.

The governor-general also confirmed that the challenges facing the world today create opportunities for co-operation in new areas. The NATO Cyber Defence Centre in Estonia is a good opportunity for New Zealand to intensify co-operation in the cyber security realm. New Zealand would also be interested in intensifying bilateral trade and economic ties. Estonia’s well-functioning and strong economy and its close ties to its Baltic and Nordic neighbours create good circumstances for new developing ties.

At their meeting, the Estonian ambassador also noted that during the complicated times of the 20th century, New Zealand became the home of many Estonians that left Europe during the Second World War and the occupation. “Today the number of people in New Zealand with connections to Estonia is in the thousands,” noted Unga. The ambassador added that the Estonian community in New Zealand is valued for its contributions to the country’s social and economic development.

Ambassador Unga passed along greetings and best wishes from Estonian President Toomas Hendrik Ilves for both the governor-general and all the people of New Zealand.

Andres Unga was born on 29 April 1966 in Viljandi. He graduated from Tallinn University of Technology and the Estonian School of Diplomacy in 1991. After graduating from university, Unga went to work in the protocol department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and stayed in that department until 1996 as a deputy director, director and then director general. From 1996 to 2000, Unga was the ambassador to Sweden, and after that he worked as the director general of the Ministry’s human resources department. From 2003-2007 Andres Unga was the ambassador to Greece. From 2004-2007 he was the non-residing Estonian ambassador to Cyprus and from 2003-2008 he was the non-residing ambassador to Armenia. Unga was the ambassador to China from 2007-2012. From 2008-2012 he was also the non-residing ambassador to Vietnam and from 2010-2012 the non-residing ambassador to South Korea.

As of 2009 Ambassador Unga has been the non-residing ambassador to Thailand. Since the beginning of this year he has been the non-residing ambassador to Indonesia. The president has also appointed Andres Unga the non-residing ambassador to Singapore, Malaysia, and Australia.
Ambassador Andres Unga is married and has two children. Unga speaks English, Russian and Swedish.


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