Estonia is Assisting Syrian Refugees in Turkey


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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs supports the transportation of donations, which were collected to help Syrian refugees, to a refugee camp located in Turkey.

According to Foreign Minister Urmas Paet, it is important to continue providing humanitarian aid and supporting Syria’s neighbours because their capabilities are becoming exhausted. “The Syrian crisis, which began in spring of 2011, has worsened every day and the amount of refugees has now surpassed 2.1 million. There are over half a million refugees in Turkey,” noted the Estonian foreign minister. “Syria’s political instability, the breakdown of public order in many regions, the use of a chemical weapon, and continuously deteriorating everyday conditions have prompted increasing departure from the country,” he added.

The majority of Syrian refugees have relocated to neighbouring countries: more than 775,000 to Lebanon; 533,000 to Jordan; more than 494,000 to Turkey; more than 194,000 to Iraq, and nearly 127,000 to Egypt.

The Foreign Ministry supported the project, initiated by the not-for-profit Iqra Cultural Center, to collect donations for a Syrian refugee camp in Turkey with 2000 Euros. Two containers full of necessary items were collected as donations and the Foreign Ministry supports the transportation of the containers to the refugee camp.

In the last two years, Estonia has supported those suffering from the Syrian crisis with 830,000 Euros. 

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