Estonia Supports Alleviating Situation of Syrian Refugees


At today’s meeting of European Union development cooperation ministers, Foreign Minister Urmas Paet stressed that it is extremely important to put an end to this century’s worst humanitarian catastrophe, the Syrian civil war, which has now lasted more than 1,000 days and left 8.8 million people without a home.

The number of internally displaced people is now 6.5 million and over 2.3 million people have left the country. The majority of them have fled to Lebanon, Jordan, and Turkey.

The European Union High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Catherine Ashton gave an overview of the contributions made thus far by the European Union to alleviate the humanitarian tragedy that has been caused by the Syrian conflict. “The European Union must continue to direct pressure at both sides in order to enable access for international humanitarian aid and humanitarian workers in Syrian territory,” said Foreign Minister Paet. “Likewise, it is important to continue supporting the countries that are accepting the majority of Syrian refugees because their burden is only growing as the crisis continues and the situation could cause undesirable economic and political consequences in those countries,” he noted.

According to Foreign Minister Urmas Paet, Estonia has donated nearly 900,000 Euros to alleviate the humanitarian crisis of Syrian refugees and will continue to provide humanitarian aid in the future, based on needs and opportunities.

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