Foreign Minister Kaljurand met in New York with colleagues from Nepal, Moldova, Norway and Bosnia and Herzegovina


At their meeting in New York, Foreign Minister Marina Kaljurand and the Foreign Minister of Nepal, Mahendra Bahadur Pandey spoke of the cooperation of small countries in the UN, reforming the organization and applying for membership of the Security Council.

According to Kaljurand, cooperation and mutual support among small nations, which allows them to be equally heard and represented with larger countries in the UN, is essential. “Small countries thereby have an opportunity to have a stronger say in world affairs,” she added. Approximately 70 small countries have not yet been members of the UN Security Council.

Nepal's Foreign Minister gave an overview of recent developments in the country and relations with neighbouring countries.

At her meeting with the Foreign Minister of Moldova Natalia Gherman, Foreign Minister Marina Kaljurand stressed the importance of implementing reforms when speaking of Moldova’s integration with Europe. “There is a need to focus on the fight against corruption, reforming the justice system and improving the business environment,” Kaljurand said. “None of these reforms are easy, yet they are necessary for Moldova on its road to the European Union,” she added, confirming Estonia's support for Moldova's EU integration.

The Foreign Minister of Moldova gave an overview of the progress of reforms and recent developments in the country.

Kaljurand also pointed out the importance of implementing the EU-Moldova Association and Free Trade Agreement. “Estonia supports Moldova in development cooperation through the exchange of experiences that contribute to facilitating integration in the EU,” she added.

Meeting with the Foreign Minister of Bosnia and Herzegovina Igor Crnadak, they discussed cooperation in the UN and other international organizations, including the mutual support of candidatures in the United Nations and intensifying economic relations.

The Foreign Minister also met with Norwegian Foreign Minister Vidar Helgesen, with whom opportunities for bilateral digital cooperation, the implementation of joint projects in Eastern Partnership countries, and Norway’s financial mechanisms were discussed.

Today, on September 30, Foreign Minister Kaljurand plans to meet with the Foreign Minister of El Salvador Hugo Martinez, to discuss cooperation in the UN, including mutual support of candidacies and reforming the organization. The potential for cooperation in the field of cyber security will also be discussed. El Salvador is also interested in Estonia's e-governance and IT developments.




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